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Acme Designs provides Bulk SMS solutions worldwide for business promotion and Brand Building. We are connected with all major International Mobile Operators. We provides highest quality of the services in very competitive price with web based user friendly interface.

We adopt very positive approach towards the client requirements. We under stand that some clients would have a requirement for setting up their own SMS infrastructure. 

We have set of products which shall enable the SMS Infrastructure for such clients. The SMSC manager can interact with the SMSC of the mobile operator onany protocol, SMPP , CIMD , HTTP.

We are supporting multi-level reseller platform with facility of customization of look n feel of the platform with their own logo and company information's.

SMS Gateway :

SMS Gateway is simplest tool meant for an enterprise to go Mobile. SMSC works on the GSM Modem and connects with the database of the enterprise. The Simple Set of APIs then define the communication parameters and within no time the enterprise goes wireless. Customers can interact on the SMS and retrieve the desired information. 

Fixed ID route:

This route is sending SMS with a generic Sender ID. As the transmission of the SMS is done through GSM modems the reliabilty is very high, however there may be higher latency on the SMS transmission. This routes offers a very high reliabilty with guaranteed delivery through the mobile operator and support for ported numbers at very economical costs.

Fixed senderid (or fixed sender ID or numeric) SMSC routes are used to reach countries without Interconnect fees (or Interworking fees). Those routes are checked several times per day that they cover about 95% of the existing mobile network operator worldwide. 

Fixed Senderid routes are difficult to find and we can offer then to you in extremely competitive prices (depending on volumes). 







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